New UAE Estate Agency Franchise Opening


Dubai's property agency, Better Homes, is opening its doors to franchisees here in the UAE. With property offices across the Region and multiple offices here in the UAE, Better Homes has made the decision to franchise locally with the long-term goal to give its customers an even greater property choice.

"While our UAE offices cover a range of areas within the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, we want to offer our clients that extra width and breadth of specialty that includes servicing particular nationalities and areas within districts," said Managing Director, Ryan Mahoney.

Better Homes will be considering existing real estate agencies and individuals that want to elevate their business by plugging into the Better Homes network of offices and benefiting from the brand, marketing, website, magazine, shared inventory and training. Mahoney added that, "Effectively, they can reduce their costs while dramatically improving their business."

When asked why Better Homes has chosen to launch this initiative now rather than after the property market has made a full recovery, Mahoney explained that, "All agencies are finding the current market to be very challenging and as a result businesses are looking for ways to reduce their costs while increasing their revenue; sharing resources is really the only way to do that while maintaining a high-level of quality."

While other property franchises do exist in the UAE, Mahoney clarified that, "Existing real estate franchises do not provide much more than a brand name, which in some cases is relatively unknown in this Region. Our franchise offering is entirely different; we not only provide the most recognizable brand in the market, we also give the franchisee almost everything they will need to run their business."

Rumours of the Better Homes intent to franchise locally seem to have preceded their official announcement, as it is understood they have already received numerous enquiries which are currently under review. Mahoney's feedback was clear, "We do not intend to offer many franchises to start with; in order to protect our brand, we'll only be considering those that share our corporate and ethical philosophy; with this in mind, we do intend to establish an exclusive network of franchisees throughout the UAE over the coming year."

Better Homes has been franchising outside of the UAE since 2006 and currently has franchise operations located in Oman, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and India.